Ventilation and energy flow through large vertical openings in buildings.

After a short description of the physical phenomena involved, unified expressions are worked out describing net airflow and net heat flow through large vertical openings between stratified zones. These formulae are based on those of Cockroft for bidirectional flow, but are more general in the sense that they apply to situations of unidirectional flow as well. The expressions are compatible with a pressure network description for multizone modelling of airflow in buildings. The technique has been incorporated in the flows solver of the ESP-r building and plant energy simulation environment.

An overview of combined modelling of heat transport and air movement.

A fundamental objective of this report is to investigate the techniques used in the design and research fields for the evaluation of thermal and air flow simulations. The scope is restricted to the whole building rather than flow and heat transfer within individual structural elements (e.g. cavity walls). Considerable developments are taking place in the field of air flow and thermal simulation. Rather than present an in-depth study of these developments, this report concentrates on the rather more general aspects of the combined simulation.