Energy savings by balanced ventilation with heat recovery and ground heat exchanger.

This paper investigates quantitatively the energy conservation achieved by balanced ventilation with heat recovery and upstream ground heat exchanger. The investigations were conducted on an occupied single-family house equipped with such a balanced ventilation system. The heat recovery unit of this system consists of a plate-type heatexchanger with a downstream small air-to-air heat pump. In addition this house is equipped with a ground heat exchanger.

Heat recovery in ventilation systems.

In well insulated buildings the ventilation heat is sometimes higher than the heat losses by transmission. For a air change rate of 0,8 per hour the specific heat flux must be calculated with 25 w/m², so heat recovery can save some energy. In all considerations the saving in the heating system must be compared with the additional energy for the fans, because this energy is of a higher quality. To optimize the heat recovery system, the different designs of the heat exchanger, the annual running hours and the annual hours for heat recovery must be taken into account.

Heat collector.