The influence of the occupants and the construction period on the resulting indoor environment.

This study, in progress in Trondheim, Norway, deals with the connection between energy economy and indoor air quality in detached houses. It includes 41 new houses, all equipped with balanced ventilation and heat-pump for energy savings. The study includes both questionnaires and various measurements, and will be finished in 1994. Comparing the new and old housing, 90 % of the occupants are more satisfied with the indoor air quality in their new home, than their old home.

Heat pumps.

The Amsterdam World Trade Center s (W.T.C) Heat Pump

This article describes the integration of a gas engine-driven heat pump system in the air conditioning and heating system of the World Trade Center premises in Amsterdam. The heat pump provides for both cooling and heating during the summer and winter periods and also provides emergency power in the case of interrupted public power supply.