Respiratory effects of experimental exposure to office dust

For that study, 24 healthy non-sensitive persons were tested to analyse the respiratory effects caused by exposures to office dust. The results of the study suggest that most of the tradiitional risk factors can be rejected as single responsible risk factor.

Effect of ventilation on health and other human responses in office environment

As ventilation is a significant consumer of energy the rates of ventilation have often been minimized, particularly after the energy crisis in the early 70s, in order to reduce equipment and energy costs. This has caused in many countries indoor air quality problems. It has been shown that ventilation rates have adverse effects on communicable respiratory illnesses; on sick building syndrome symptoms; on productivity and perceived air quality. Often the prevalence of SBS symptoms is higher in air-conditioned buildings than in naturally ventilated buildings.

Impact of indoor environment on human health - Egyptian experience -

This study is concerned with the impact of indoor environment on the local National health in airconditioned spaces. The present study is carried out in different applications in Egypt. Two differentmethods are utilized in the present study. An experimental measurement program and comprehensive survey are carried out for some air conditioned applications. The numerical methodsare also utilized to simulate applications that represent the effect of indoor environment onoccupancy health using different indoor air quality indices.

Evaluation of Input - Side Parameter of Productivity by Cerebral Blood Oxygenation Changes

To evaluate effect of indoor environment quality on productivity, the changes in cerebral bloodoxygenation by near infrared spectroscopy was examined. In this study, relationship between the changes in cerebral blood oxygenation and difficulty level of task was evaluated by subjective experiments. Four tasks were given to the subjects: single-digit addition, double-digit multiplication, triple-digit addition, and triple-digit multiplication. It was evaluated that the more difficult task types to solve, the more oxygenated hemoglobin and total hemoglobin concentration were needed.

Effects of Reported Neurobehavioral Symptoms on Call Center Operator Performance in the Tropics

A 2x2 balanced experiment was carried out in an air-conditioned call center in the Tropics using a blind intervention approach to study the combined effects of temperature and outdoor air supply rate. Twenty-six permanent call center operators participated in the nine-week study. Intensity of headache symptom was significantly reduced with increased outdoor air supply rate at 24.5C (P<0.03). Similar observation at P<0.04 was observed for a principal component (neurobehavioral symptoms and self-assessed productivity) derived from a set of self evaluated symptoms.

Nasal histamine reactivity among adolescents in a remediated moisture-damaged school - a longitudinal study

This paper sums up a longitudinal study carried out on a group of students and teachers in a remediated moisture-damaged school. Registration of subjective data (questionnaires) and objective data (nasal histamine reactivity) has been made. Results and discussion are presented.

Improving comfort and health by personalized ventilation

The thermal environment and air quality in buildings affects occupants’ health, comfort and performance. The heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) of buildings today is designed to provide a uniform room environment. However, large individual d

Indoor Air Effects on Health in Dwellings Occupied all Daylong by Elderly

A recent survey study suggested that elderly people’s lifestyle and building + dwellings factors exposed them to an uncomfortable and poor environment regarding indoor air quality. In order to confirm the qualitative statements of this study, measurements

Estimating effects of moisture damage repairs on students' health - long-term intervention study

After the moisture damage repairs, a health symptom questionnaire study was repeated 1 year, 3 years and 5 years on 245 upper secondary and high school students. The data were analyzed. The results indicate that no new cases of symptomatic students occured : in that sense the repairs succeeded.

Final report on European interdisciplinary networks on indoor environment and health - EUROWORKS

In this swedish report, an inventory and a multidisciplinary review (EUROWORKS) of the scientific literature about networks on indoor environmental quality and health is made. That work was performed during 2001 and was supported by the European Commission.