Ventilation hygiene standards - an overview.


Ventilatie en gezondheid. Ventilation and health.


Pressure relationships in hospital critical-care facilities.

This field study was organised to track differential pressure relationships in critical care units of a metropolitan hospital. Maintaining design pressure balances is essential to control risk of airborne disease transmission within these units. the pressure differentials that exist between two patient isolation facilities (positive and negative) and their surrounding spaces were monitored continuously for one week.

Microbial investigations and allergen measurements in ground-coupled earth-to-air heat exchangers.

Different ground-coupled earth-to -air heat exchangers have been constructed in many residential and occupational buildings in Switzerland to precool or preheat the incoming air. Many technical and energetic facts favour such systems. The objective of this study was to determine if microbial growth occurs within these tubes and if adverse health effects must be considered. The results show large reductions in viable bacteria and spore concentrations along the tubes and very low concentrations in the supply air compared to the outdoor air.