Carbon monoxide exposure from a vehicle in a garage.


Performances of a new generation high efficiency heat recovery units for domestic ventilation.

In 1998 the Dutch ventilation industry launched a new generation of domestic ventilation systems on the market with high efficiency heat recovery applying counter flow heat exchangers and DC fans. It is expected that these ventilation systems will play an important role in realising the goals of the Dutch national energy policy for reducing energy use in the built environment. Another important aspect is the contribution to a healthy indoor environment in dwellings with an extreme high energy efficiency, especially in relation to increasing air tightness and thermal insulation.

A guide to mechanical equipment for healthy indoor environments.

This publication summarizes current information on heating (both space and hot water heating), cooling and ventilation systems and equipment used in low-rise, residential buildings with regards to their effect on indoor air quality. An additional discussion of water purification systems is also presented.