Experimental study of indoor thermal environment for cold air distribution systems using various air outlets

Tests have been performed on several ceiling air diffusers supplied with low air temperatures (6 to 16°C - 90% humidity) to study water vapour condensation on diffusers surface. Results show that a supply air temperature of 11°C avoids most of condensatio

Two dimensional air exfiltration and heat transfer through fiberglass insulation II. Comparisons between simulations and experiments.

The two-dimensional, transient numerical model of heat and water vapor convection and diffusion during air exfiltration within fiberglass insulation, presented in Part /, is validated in Part II, with experimental data for temperature, moisture and frost accumulation, and heat flux. With a few exceptions, the simulation results and experimental data agree within the experimental uncertainty. Exfiltration airflow in the two-dimensional space showed strong entrance and exit effects for temperature, moisture and frost accumulation, and heat flux on the cold side.