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Investigation of the performance of gypsum sheathing.

The computer program EMPTIED was used to assess the moisture performance of representative brick veneer and exterior insulation finish system (EIFS) walls under the climate conditions for fifteen locations in Canada The indoor conditions were assumed to be those expected in a one-bedroom apartment occupied by two persons which was ventilated with outdoor air at a constant rate of 0.3 air changes per hour.

Passive stack ventilation.

The adequate ventilation of houses is essential for both the occupants and the building fabric. As air-tightness standards increase, background infiltration levels decrease and extra ventilation has to be designed into the building. Passive stack ventilation has many advantages - particularly when employed in low cost housing schemes - but it is essential that it performs satisfactorily. This paper give the results from monitoring two passive stack ventilation schemes.

Effectiveness of various means of extract ventilation at removing moisture from a kitchen.

A kitchen is one of the major moisture producing areas in a dwelling. In order to prevent condensation and mould growth the relative humidity should not be too high. This paper describes a set of experiments comparing methods of kitchen ventilation and their effectiveness at moisture removal. The three methods of extract ventilation were: 1. A mechanical extract fan of extract rate 60 l/s 2. A passive stack ventilation system 3.