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Room Air Conditions for Preventing Water Mist Formation in Roofed Skating Facilities

It is known that water mist occasionally fonns near ice surfaces in roofed skating facilities depending on the indoor environmental conditions. The mist can lead to problems such as decreased visibility during skating competitions. The objective of the present paper is to clarify the relationship between indoor air conditions and water mist formation and to provide a useful design method for preventing mist formation in roofed skating facilities. In the first section, studies concerning the indoor air conditions for preventing water mist formation near the ice surface are described.

Chilled ceiling and beams - BRE research.

There is increased interest in using chilled ceilings and beams for cooling in UK buildings, on account of their perceived advantages over traditional air or chilled water based systems. However, there is currently limited knowledge or experience of the use of chilled ceiling and beam systems in the UK, and there is no proper professional guidance. Designers are particularly concerned to avoid condensation occurring on the exposed cold surfaces that could cause a health problem or lead to the so-called "office rain" effect.