Flow fields and particle trajectories in turbulent type clean rooms with different supply/exhaust air arrangements

A wall return and a ceiling return air arrangements of turbulent type clean rooms are presented in this paper. The influences of obstacles on the flow fields are compared by a numerical simulation.

Particle concentration calculations using CFD - a comparison -

CFD is a suitable tool to calculate concentration in particle contaminant distribution in a room. 3 approaches are described for two types of flow problems and compared in this paper.

Influence of moving object on air distribution in ventilated rooms

Experiment and CFD simulation show the influence of moving person simulator (of cylinder shape) and thermal manikins on air distribution in ventilated rooms.

Obstacle effects on airflow and contamination around an open type livestock building

That study aimed at investigating the contaminate distribution in and around a naturally ventilated livestockbuilding with and without an upstream obstacle.

Jet drop and draft risk in a mixing ventilation office : experimental and numerical investigations

This paper is a presentation of a theoretical and experimental analysis of supply air jet flow patterns in a mixing ventilation system. Investigation procedure aims at reducing draft risks.

A comparison between four different ventilation systems

Measurements and CFD simulations are compared for 4 different ventilation systems using the air change index and a new ventilation parameter. It is shown the advantage of impinging jets

Predicting volatile organic compounds concentration in residential buildings (Part 1 : building of model)

This paper presents a universal but simple mathematic model very useful to predict Volatile Organic Concentration in the bulk air for different conditions in residential buildings.

Use of predictive ventilation to evaluate the emission rates of pollutant sources in an enclosure and to reconstruct the associated concentration field

This paper presents a numerical method aiming at recreating the concentration field of a pollutant at each point of a ventilated enclosure that contains one or several pollutant sources of unknown emission rate.

Numerical analysis of normalized concentrations in the occupied zone for various office ventilation systems.

Flow, temperature field and contaminant concentration distributions are analyzed using CFD for 5 different ventilation systems.

Numerical modelling of particle dispersion within a displacement ventilation system

This paper deals with a 3D numerical study to assess the effectiveness of a displacement ventilation system to remove particulate pollutants, generated in the occupied zone of a room.