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Nearly 20 years after it was ordered by Parliament, the f'.230 million parliamentary building is ready to welcome its inmates: 200-odd constituency MPs and their staff. Does the building's controversial luxury extend to the engineering services?

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Low energy urban housing: six European Union demonstration projects.

The SUNH and SHINE European Commission THERMIE 1996 Targeted Projects aim to demonstrate for European urban housing sector the relevance of a serie of innovative technologies (applied on 10 new 1;onstructions within SUNH and 6 retrofrtting projects within SHINE) to reduce C02 emissions through the implementation of different RUE & RES techniques. After the general presentation of SUNH and SHINE made during the PLEA conference of Lisbon, this paper aims to give a detailed presentation of the most advanced projects using slides and video.

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Technical synthesis report: a summary of IEA ECBCS Annex 18 - Demand controlled ventilating systems.

The purpose of this report is to summarise the work of IEA Annex 18 on demand controlled ventilation. It is primarily aimed at building services practitioners, designers and policy makers who require background knowledge of the operational principles and range of applicability of this approach to ventilation. The primary focus is on applications and the conditions required for the operation of such systems. This international activity has been carried out by a working group of researchers from ten countries (Appendix 1) with Sweden bearing the main responsibility as Operating Agent.

A study of the operation of a novel naturally ventilated building using computational fluid dynamics.

In response to an increased awareness of the impact of building related energy consumption on emissions of carbon dioxide, attention has turned to the task of making buildings more energy efficient. Although this is a key element in the design of a new building, it is important also that the occupants' expectations of a comfortable and healthy environment are met. Computer simulations of the airflow and thermal environment within a naturally ventilated building have been made using a finite volume CFD model.