Miles S
Bibliographic info:
UK, London, Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE), 1999, Proceedings of "Engineering in the 21st century - the changing world", CIBSE National Conference '99, held 4-5 October 1999, Harrogate International Centre, pp 338-345

In response to an increased awareness of the impact of building related energy consumption on emissions of carbon dioxide, attention has turned to the task of making buildings more energy efficient. Although this is a key element in the design of a new building, it is important also that the occupants' expectations of a comfortable and healthy environment are met. Computer simulations of the airflow and thermal environment within a naturally ventilated building have been made using a finite volume CFD model. Indoor climatic conditions and the effectiveness of cross-ventilation channels and solar-assisted ventilation shafts on a warm summer day, with a light breeze, have been examined. This case study facilitates a better understanding of some of the complex interrelated issues associated with natural ventilation.