Characterisation of the field and laboratory emission cell - FLEC: impact of air velocities on VOC emission rates.

The Field and Laboratory Emission Cell (FLEC) is a tool for non-destructive emission testing of materials with even surfaces. Measurement of air velocities inside the cell showed an inhomogenous flow field with a high-velocity area around the inlet axis and an area of comparatively low air velocities perpendicular to the inlet axis. These results suggest that punctual emission sources may lead to different VOC-concentrations depending on the position of the source.

Deterministic and non deterministic methodologies for the prediction of the air velocity in single sided natural ventilation configurations.

An extensive experimental program on single sided natural ventilation was carried out within the frame of PASCOOL EC research project. Within the frame of these activities, four single sided natural ventilation experiments were carried out in a cell test, a full scale outdoor facility. Experimental data were used as input for numerical simulations that were carried out using air flow calculation tools based on network modeling as well as computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Finally, fuzzy logic techniques were used to predict the air velocity profile in the middle of the opening.