A chart for prediction of draught.

A study was made of one hundred subjects who were exposed to air flow with a turbulence as occuring in typically ventilated spaces. Turbulent air flow is seen as more uncomfortable than laminar flow. Each subject participated in three experiments at air temperatures of 20, 23, and 26 degrees C, withvarying air velocity and turbulence intensity. Recommends a reduction of velocity limits specified in existing standards.

Displacement ventilation in theory and practice. Deplacerande ventilation i teori och praktik.

Discusses two main methods of fan-assisted air supply to a room - mixing ventilation and displacement ventilation. Gives a detailed account of the effects which furniture and the opening of doors have on a room and discussses factors such as vertical temperature variations, air velocity at floor level. Illustrates these effects in diagram form. Notes difficulty in translating older comfort criteria for use in displacement ventilation.