In the air tonight.


Air supply method and indoor environment.


Air conditioners and fan-coil units.


Ventilation characteristics of selected type of buildings and indoor climate.

The paper presents results of ventilation characteristics of a lecture/seminar room obtained by various door-window opening combinations and positions, and the level of comfort and air quality resulted by the given window-ventilating modes. Applying statistical methods, formulae of air change rate for the test room under it's normal operating condition i.e. when all window and external door are shut and when particular windows are opened is also presented and graphs in relation to dominancy factors such as wind and buoyancy effects, are given.

Demand controlled ventilating systems - practical tests.

As part of the IEA Research Program Annex 18 "Demand Controlled Ventilating Systems" were tested in a one-family testhouse in relating to energy and ventilating specific aspects. The investigation should show whether demand controlled systems are useful in dwellings or not. Following items were checked: * Infiltration characteristics of the testhouse * Ventilation characteristics of different systems like temperature distribution, air movement, ventilating efficiency, air exchange and air quality.