Air quality in naturally ventilated buildings.

Currently one of the most rapidly growing areas receiving attention is energy efficiency in buildings. In this context naturally ventilated buildings are an inevitable design solution. This paper reports preliminary observations of a project aimed at investigating pollution levels within these type of buildings. Due to the difficulty of predicting and controlling the amount of suspended particles entering naturally ventilated buildings an understanding of the type of pollutants, their size and their composition is necessary.

Aircraft cabin air quality.


Optimum ventilation and airflow control in buildings?

Air quality, air flows in buildings, and ventilation are most important topics. Good air quality is however critically dependent also on other things than ventilation, e. g. source strengths, as is well known. The theme of our conference could also lead to the assumption that there is a simple connection between ventilation and air quality. As the public tend to see ventilation systems as responsible for bad air quality, it is important to state that there is no general criterion for good air quality possible to use in practice to control ventilation processes.