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air leakage

Energy impacts of air leakage in US office buildings.

Airtightness and infiltration rate measurements in office and other commercial buildings have shown that these buildings can experience significant levels of air leakage [1,2]. The energy impact of air leakage in U.S. office buildings was estimated based on the analysis of a set of 25 buildings used in previous studies of energy consumption [3,4]. Each of these buildings represents a portion of the U.S. office building stock as of 1995.

An overview of the AIVC Numerical Data Base.

The Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre s Numerical Database has been developed in response to a need to establish a core of numerical data suitable for design purposes and model validation. It has also been developed to provide a focus for

Air leakage of office buildings.

Presents the results of measurements of the air leakage of 12 large office buildings. Various different construction types have been tested, with four of the buildings being naturally ventilated and the remainder air-conditioned.