Energy efficient HVAC systems.

Field measurements of interactions between furnaces and forced-air distribution systems.

Measurements on three gas and two electric furnaces have been made to examine the field performance of these furnaces and their interactions with their forced-air distribution systems. The distribution systems were retrofitted as part of this study, and the impact of retrofitting on furnace performance is discussed. In addition to field measurements, this paper discusses how forced-air furnace systems are treated in proposed ASHRAE Standard l 52P and applies the resulting equations to the systems tested in the field.

Impacts of air distribution system leakage in Europe: the SAVE duct European programme.

This paper gives an overview of duct leakage issues in Europe. A literature review indicates alack of ductwork air tightness measurement data in the member states. However, based on afew papers and above all on a field study on 22 duct systems in France, we conclude that theventilation and energy use implications of leaky ducts are large and merit furtherexamination. To this end, we have started the SAVE-DUCT project (1997-1998) aiming atstudying the potential implications of a tight air duct policy at the European level.

Air distribution in an office building as measured with a passive tracer gas technique.

A passive tracer gas technique - the homogenous emission technique was utilised formeasuring the air distribution in a part of an office building with displacement ventilation.Measurements were made during one winter period and one summer period. During thewinter period the ventilation was run continuously, while on/off regulation was used duringthe summer period.