International Building Simulation Conference 2003, Eindhoven, Netherlands.

Contains 190 papers.

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Many studies have been performed on floor heating systems.
Aiko Kobayashi and Kimiko Kohri
The low-flow solar water heater – from 7 litres/hour to 15 litres/hour per solar collector area – is the most promising way for improving the solar water heater performance.
Lana Kenjo, Dominique Caccavelli, Christian Inard
In principal, the algorithms used in advanced lighting simulation software are equally applicable to interior and exterior situations [Ashdown 1994][Ward 1998]. In practice the scope is limited: a realistic CAD model of a building in a complex urb
Faidon Nikiforiadis and Adrian Pitts
This study develops a simplified estimation method for calculating the effective opening area of automatically operated entrance doors and the winter airflow rate into entrance halls due to the stack effect.
Kimiko Kohri
This paper presents the development of a simulation tool based on the Matlab computational environment for building temperature performance analysis with automatic control.
Mendes N, Oliveira G H C, Araújo H X and Coelho L S
The primary aim of the present study was to evaluate thermal storage performance of the storage medium embedded with metal fins and to prepare and accumulate design data.
Koji Sakai, Masaki Manabe, Hitoshi Yamazaki and Syoichi Kojima
This article presents a mathematical model that provides explicit support for preserving the consistency between decisions made at various points during building performance analysis. Analytical Target Cascading, a multilevel engineering design op
Ruchi Choudhary, Ali Malkawi, Panos Y. Papalambros
During the last years much interest has been paid to Low Temperature Systems, i.e.
F. Currò Dossi, M. De Carli, R. Del Bianco, F. Fellin, M. Tonon, R. Zecchin
Thermal building simulation programs, such as EnergyPlus, approximate solutions of a differential algebraic system of equations. While the theoretical
Michael Wetter and Elijah Polak
The practical use of building simulation software requires a global and comprehensible interpretation of results for decision support in design.
Cristian Ghiaus, Francis Allard