This page lists the Proceedings (titles and abstracts) of the 10th International BUILDAIR Symposium, held on March 31/ April 1, 2017 in Hannover, Germany.

Contains 28 titles and abstracts. 

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Purpose of the work
Andreas Kaschuba-Holtgrave, Angela Rohr, Stefanie Rolfsmeier, Oliver Solcher
Purpose of the workPresentation of the newly created standard VDI 2083/19 (VDI is the Association of German Engineers) for airtightness tests of clean rooms.Content of the contribution
Daniel Jung
According to the legal regulations and the rules of technology (as generally accepted) new buildings are to be constructed permanently airtight.
Stefan Hückstädt
Purpose of the workTo guarantee the reliability of airtightness measurements.Content of the contribution
Roger Hoffmann
Purpose of the workThis paper aims at reviewing and analysing changes and developments in various countries on building and ductwork airtightness in the past 5 years.Method of approach
François Rémi Carrié, Valérie Leprince, Maria Kapsalaki
Environmental control (heat, air and moisture flows and their effects) started 90 years ago on Prairies of Canada and USA. It has always been based on occupant’s interest in a better indoor environment and driven by builders.
Mark Bomberg
Purpose of the workTo expand the use of BlowerDoor and thermal equipment combined with RadonMethod of approach
Hans Ananiassen