The 28th AIVC and 2nd Palenc Conference, Building Low Energy Cooling and Ventilation Technologies in the 21st Century, was held in Crete, Greece, 27-29 September 2007.

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Building AdVent is a new collaborative project funded by the EU through its Intelligent Energy – Europe (IEE) programme.
Cripps, A.
Thermal insulation in the warm climate can reduce the energy demand for cooling in residential buildings up to 70%.To define the gap in between the actual applied thermal requirements and what would be todays economic optimum,Eurima ordered a stud
Hamans, C.
Due to the exhaustion of fossil resources and greenhouse warming, the control of energy has become a key subject for the 21st century.
Bulteau, V.; Cantin, R.; Guarracino, G.
This paper looks at the design and construction in 2006/2007 of a ‘green’ office building in Wellington, New Zealand.
Barbour, A.; Marriage, G.
The aim of the specific paper is the analysis of the efficiencyof power lines as a communication media for Building Energy Management Systems.
Dolianitis, S.; Kolokotsa, D.; Kalitsounakis, N.; Zografakis, N.
This study compares various optimization criteria for a solar domestic hot water system (SDHWS). First of all, we present the various parameters used to evaluate a SDHWS. We consider the energetic, exergetic, environmentaland financial analysis.
Fraisse, G.; Bai, Y.; Le-Pierres, N.
Library buildings offer special conditions to favor the adoption of low energy strategies.
Craveiro, F.; Oliveira, B.; Leal, V.; Fernandes, E.O.
This document describes the rehabilitation of the GeneralSecretariat Information Systems (GSIS building) and the description of the energy measures that were implemented aiming at the improvement of the buildingenergy performance and the indoor en
Farrou, I.; Santamouris, M.; Zervas, Y.; Zachakis, K.; Toumbexis, C.; Tzamalis, P.
This project presents the performance of air washer chilled water coil system for a yarn industry .The basicprinciples including (1) effectiveness, (2) saturation efficiency and energy consumption for the systems are evaluated..
Jothyramalingam, S.; Mohanlal, D.
Ecology in Architecture Design (EAD) is a project with the main aim of developing a blended (face to face lecturesplus online activities) learning course about how to integrate ecology in the architectural design, both at the level of a single bui
Caputo, P.; Roscetti, A.; Rega, I.
One of the main elements to consider in urban space design is the modification of the microclimate in order to improve the thermal comfort conditions of people livingin urban spaces.Sometimes it is very important to design very specific conditions
Angelotti, A.; Dessi, V.; Scudo, G.
Human has developed a board rang of passive cooling techniques in various parts of the world up to a very impressive level of maturity: cliff dwellings through the world (ground cooling), wind towers (convective and mass cooling), sprinkling water
Al-musaed, A.
The case study in question is that of the refurbishment of a building constituted by four school pavilions built in the post-war period of the 20th Century with very lightweight reinforced concrete arches and vaults.
Brunetti, G.L.
The buildings’ environment plays a very important role in health matters and the quality of life. A series of experimental measurements were carried out in the residential sector of the greater region of Athens.
Assimakopoulos, M.N.; Sfakianaki, A.; Doukas, P.; Santamouris, M.; Fourtounas, A.
The paper describes a method to show how Building Simulation data can be interpreted to provide informationthat is of use to non-Building Simulation experts involved in the design of low energy Buildings.The method uses a heat balance simulation t
Bleil de Souza, C.; Knight, I.P.
which is a typical residential building in the South MediterraneanSea. The house type is also representative for second home.
Alcamo, G.; Murgia, S.; Sala, M.
This paper presents the thermal comfort levels in a bioclimaticbuilding situated in the greater Athens area in Greece.
Androutsopoulos, A.; Kotsiris, G.
Macroclimatic forces have been important factors ever since man first constructed shelter.
Al-musaed, A.; Almsad, A.; Harith, S.; Nathir, M.; Ameer, M.
The principal intention of the present study is the analysisof the both physical and social conditions of a rural community near to the City of Guadalajara in Mexico, with the purpose of establishing the environmental necessaryparameters to realiz
Avila, D.C.
In many urban areas, pavements and roofs constitute over 60% of urban surfaces (roof 20-25%, pavements about 40%).
Akbari, H.; Menon, S.; Rosenfeld, A.