The 28th AIVC and 2nd Palenc Conference, Building Low Energy Cooling and Ventilation Technologies in the 21st Century, was held in Crete, Greece, 27-29 September 2007.

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The objective of this work is to compare the thermal behaviorof two systems of beam ceilings used in the Collegeof Architecture of the Independent University of Chiapas - Mexico.
Silva, A.C.; Matos, E.M.V.; Cabral, N.R.A.J.; Nolasco, G.C.; Albores, J.L.J.
Widely known as urban heat island (UHI) phenomenon, urban air temperatures tend to be higher than rural temperatures,due to the thermal performance of building materials and urban geometry, together with the productionof anthropogenic heat.
Souza, L.C.L.; Postigo, C.P.; Oliveira, O.P.; Nakata, C.M.
The article 6 clause 9 of the Italian Decree Law 192/05, that transposes the European Directive 2002/91/EC on the energy performance of buildings (EPBD), supportsthe definition of simplified methods in order to carry out the energy certification o
Zinzi, M.; Barozzi, B.; Danza, L.; Lollini, R.
The requirements for good indoor air quality and energyefficiency have often been considered to conflict with each other, however, buildings with low energy consumption in Europe seem to have also a lower rate of building related health symptoms.
Seppänen, O.
As both CFD and building simulation have their own limitationsin the thermal prediction of natural ventilation.
Wang, L.; Wong, N.H.
“Energy Towers” is the name of a technology which was developed at the Technion--Israel Institute of Technology, to produce electricity in arid lands, taking its predicament - a lot of hot dry air - and turning it into an asset.
Zaslavsky, D.; Guetta, R.;Hassid, S.
The goal of this study was to suggest a low-density typologyfor commercial buildings to be applied in the cultural and climatic context of Athens, Greece, with minimal demand for conventional cooling.
Sagia, V.
In this study, high-spatial resolution multispectral satelliteimages collected over the metropolitan Athens area in Greece are used to generate a) a broadband albedo map depicting the albedo spatial variations across the metropolitan area, b) a ve
Stathopoulou, M.; Synnefa, A.; Cartalis, C.; Santamouris, M.; Akbari, H.
Urban development is unavoidable as the result of country’s economic growth. Without a careful planning, a city may cause environment destruction. Singapore is known to have the best environmental quality in the world.
Wong, N.H.; Jusuf, S.K.
Five most commonly used single span shapes of greenhousesviz. even-span, uneven-span, vinery, modified arch and quonset type have been selected for comparison.The length, width and height (at the center) is kept same for all the shapes.
Sethi, V.P.
Thermal mass can be used in buildings to reduce the need for and dependence on mechanical heating and cooling systems whilst maintaining environmental comfort.
Warwick, D.J.; Cripps, A.J.; Kolokotroni, M.
Social, financial, energy and technical data from about 1110 households have been collected during 2004 in the major Athens area. The sample has been divided in seven income groups and a detailed analysis has been performed.
Santamouris, M.; Kapsis, K.; Korres, D.; Livada, L.; Pavlou, C.; Assimakopoulos, M.N.
Different types of thermal activation of building structuresare increasingly utilized in buildings including BIPV, multifunctional PV facades with controllable daylight/solar gain features and integrating thermal and electrical output.
Todorovic, M.; Ecim, O.; Zlatanovic, I.
Commercial buildings with large exposed glazed façades require solar shading devices in order to protect occupants from uncomfortable direct glare.
Tzempelikos, A.; O'Neill, B.; Athienitis, A.
The Clathrate Hydrate Slurry (CHS) of Tetra-n-Butyl-Ammonium Bromide (TBAB) comes into being under normal atmosphere when aqueous TBAB solution is cooled to 5-12 . It is a kind of high-density latent-heattransportation medium.
Xiao, R.; He, S.H.; Huang, C.; Feng, Z.P.
The idea of using one-dimensional fillers as a reinforcingagent is nothing new: straw has been used to reinforcemud bricks since about 4000 BC.
Shahmohamadi, P.; Soflaee, F.
One of the prerequisites for the design of buildings that make good use of daylight for internal illumination is a knowledge of the daylight climate in the place where the building is to be situated.
Wilkins, P.R.
New solar energy systems with efficient energy output and advanced aesthetics have been developed at the University of Patras last 20 years.
Tripanagnostopoulos, Y.; Tripanagnostopoulou, M.
Despite the available knowledge about technologies for passive cooling, cooling energy consumption is still increasing in Europe.
Varga, M.; Leutgöb, K.; Pagliano, L.; Zangheri, P.; Cavelius, R.