The 28th AIVC and 2nd Palenc Conference, Building Low Energy Cooling and Ventilation Technologies in the 21st Century, was held in Crete, Greece, 27-29 September 2007.

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A conference report from the 28th AIVC and 2nd Palenc Conference  " Building Low Energy Cooling and Ventilation Technologies in the 21st Century" held in Crete, Greece, 27-29 September 2007.
De Gids W F
This presentation projects the potential of mass interwovenwith other aspects of Bioclimatic Design, with the objective of energy conservation and utilization of renewable energy resources for indoor comfort.The variable of mass and its effect on
Serghides, D.
The paper provides a technical discussion on the developmentof zero energy building design strategies in the UK.
Wang, L.; Gwilliam, J.A.
In the previous study, it was found that urban heat island intensity in National University of Singapore (NUS) campusas high as 4oC at around 13:00.
Wong, N.H.; Jusuf, S.K.
The main decisions concerning thermal comfort and energyefficiency of buildings are made in the early stages of the architectural design.
Rosales, L.; Hobaica, M.E.; Ghiaus, C.; Allard, F.
Psychometric diagram, or diagram of humid air, was establishedby three authors in a period of 10 years, very possible independent from one another.
Todorovic, B.
In high performance office new buildings and renovations nowadays it is common practice to use multiple façade technology.
Zeiler, W.; Verdonschot, J.; Boxem, G.
The energy rehabilitation of listed buildings is of great importance as they are many limitations of the possibletechnical interventions.
Sfakianaki, K.; Vassilakopoulou, K.; Assimakopoulos, M.N.; Pavlou, K.; Doukas, P.; Gaitani, N.; Santamouris, M
Many schools today have a need for artificial cooling over the year but most of the classrooms do not have any cooling capacity installed. This fact results in high room temperatures as well as poor thermal comfort.
Wigö, H.
As the EPBD related regulations can not cover all possible kind of new technologies, Member States have to develop “principle of equivalence” procedures, in order to allow the assessment of the systems not covered by the standard calculation proce
Wouters, P.; Heijmans, N.; Janssens, A.; Van Den Bossche, N.; Roels, S.
A methodology approach in order to simulate numerically(CFD) a greenhouse equipped with fan and pad evaporative cooling system is presented.
Sapounas, A.; Nikita – Martzopoulou, C.; Bartzanas, T.; Kittas, C.
The relation between skins as metabolisers and the innercontent of different bodies will be discussed.Examples from the world of plants will illustrate how plants respond to their fixed environment and their fixed supply of water and nutrients.Exa
Tombazis, A.N.
This paper describes an experimental study of the thermalenvironment in a highly-glazed perimeter zone of an office building under varying climatic conditions, as well as in a controlled test chamber at the Hydro-Quebecresearch facilities in Shawi
Tzempelikos, A.; Bessoudo, M.; Athienitis, A.; Zmeureanu, R.
This paper concentrates on the results of sustainability caused by Courtyard as a climatic element in Iranian traditionalarchitecture of cold regions. Traditional architectureof Iran is perceived sustainable for having sustainablefeatures.
Shokouhian, M.; Soflaee, F.; Nikkhah, F.
This paper concentrates on the results of sustainability caused by Courtyard as a climatic element in Iranian traditional architecture of hot-arid regions. Traditional architecture of Iran is perceived sustainable for having sustainable features.
Soflaee, F.; Shokouhian, M.
This paper presents the results of a casestudy inLowerNgau Tau Kok Estatein Hongkong, whichtry to find the relationship between exterior environmental comfort and residentsbehaviors, especially for an elder community.
Xiong, Y.
Innovative development strategies for a “Mediterranean urban planning project” for the city of Umbertide- Umbria , organized in a new ecological, bioclimatic and energy sensitive residential/mixed-use, car free district of 1.500 inhabitants, focus
Sartogo, F.; Calderaro, V.
This paper will describe how the urban projects or the new master plans must consider the environmental impactof the proposed intervention and minimise them through a sustainable planning.
Tsolaki, A.; Trombadore, A.; Santamouris, M.
In order to show the efficiency of Phase Change Materials(PCM) in building walls we have used the software CODYMUR.
Virgone, J.; Roux, J.-J.; Kuznik, F.; Noël, J.
The objective of this work is to compare the thermal behaviorof two systems of beam ceilings used in the Collegeof Architecture of the Independent University of Chiapas - Mexico.
Silva, A.C.; Matos, E.M.V.; Cabral, N.R.A.J.; Nolasco, G.C.; Albores, J.L.J.