The 16th AIVC Conference - Implementing the results of ventilation research, was held in Palm Springs, USA, 18-22 September 1995.

Contains 51 papers.

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The book of proceedings from the 16th AIVC Conference "Implementing the results of ventilation research", Palm Springs, USA, 18-22 September 1995 Volume 1 includes 29 papers Volume 2 includes 26 papers
The energy impact involved between bringing in outdoor air for indoor air pollution reduction and the energy required to condition this air are investigated in this report.
Colliver D.
By means of a case study involving a severe case of coupled heat and sir flow in buildings, this paper aims to quantify the differences resulting from different methods (ping-pong and onion approach) for linking heat and air flow models.
Hensen J L M
A study was set up to compare the effectiveness of passive stack ventilators (PSV) with mechanical extract fans (MEF) in providing adequate ventilation in UK homes.
Oseland N
ASHRAE has developed a draft of a measurement standard, Standard 129, entitled "Standard Method of Measuring Air Cliange Effectiveness." This standard defines a method of measurement for measuring air change effectiveness in mechanically ventilate
Offermann F J III, O Flaherty M T, Waz M A, Erlin N B
A breakthrough in ventilation research was made once it was realized that ventilation principles based on mixed flow patterns are not optimal and that further energy savings can be achieved if an alternative technique could be developed.
Holmberg S, Andersson I-M, Niemela R
Approved Document (AD Part F1) of the Building Regulations [1] for England and Wales identifies trickle ventilators as an option for providing natural background ventilation in commercial buildings.
Kolokotroni M, Marshall S G, Perera M D A E S
A computer program has been developed to predict the wind pressure coefficients Cp on facades and roofs of block shaped buildings. The program is based on fits of measured data, including wind shielding by obstacles and terrain roughness.
Knoll B, Phaff J C, de Gids W F
The Building Research Establishment is currently investigating the impact of various radon remedies at a radon affected test house. Tests aim to assess how different ventilation strategies affect indoor radon levels and the building environment.
Welsh P A
In line maintenance hangars, air planes stay about 2 hours, usually at night-time.
van der Maas J, Schaelin A
The installation of packaged heat recovery ventilation (HRV) systems has recently become common practise in new homes in Canada.
Hill D
Two factors - CO2 emissions fiom heating and cooling systems and restrictions on the use of CFC refrigerants - have accelerated the development and introduction of new and more environmentally friendly cooling systems.
Dehli F
This paper describes the new indoor environment research facility recently constructed at the Institute for Research in Construction, National Research Council Canada.
Shaw C Y, Barakat S A, Newsham G R, Veitch J A, Bradley J
Airtightness and infiltration rate measurements in office and other commercial buildings have shown that these buildings can experience significant levels of air leakage [1,2]. The energy impact of air leakage in U.S.
VanBronkhorst D, Persily A K, Emmerich S J
This paper presents the results of a series of measurements made in an occupied family house. Long and short-term measurements of the concentration of radon gas in the cellar and other living areas of the house were carried out.
Wang F, Ward I C
So as to better understand and predict IAQ problems, the velocity field and distribution of local mean age of air were determined experimentally with three-dimensional anemometry and decaymode tracer gas measurements inside a classroom.
Regard M, Carrie F R, Voeltzel A, Richalet V
The work concentrated on estimating the effects of building leakages and terrain parameters on the air infiltration.
Sateri J, Heikkinen J, Pallari M-L
Three different examples illustrate the possibilities offered by the use of tracer gas methods for detailed airborne moisture transport studies in building.
Ducarme D, Bossaer A, Wouters P
The material presented in this paper highlights some aspects of""two research projects, The control of natural ventilation , and Night cooling strategies . The research has led to the development of generic control strategies.
Martin A
A high resolution particle-imaging velocimetry has been developed and applied to study full-scale room air flows.
Cui M M, Topp C, Pedersen S, Christianson L L, Adrian R J, Leovic K W