The 14th AIVC Conference - Energy Impact of Ventilation and Air Infiltration, was held in Copenhagen, Denmark, 21-23 September 1993.

Contains 63 papers.

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The BRE method of predicting water vapour conditions in houses is based on two generalised moisture admittance parameters a and p.
Serive-Mattei L, Jones R, Kolokotroni M, Littler J
Under-estimating the ventilation flow rate results in increased sanitary risks and damage to the existing building structure. Over-estimating ventilation flow leads to energy waste.
Creuzevault D
The paper presents a criterion to assess the performance of mechanical exhaust hoods for dome stic kitchens and a procedure to experimentally test them; an analysis of the relevant parameters which affect their performance is made, the test result
Cardinale N, Tommaso R M Di, Fracastoro G V, Nino E, Perino M
The momentum balance on a centrifugal fan, supplemented by a complete energy balance for rigorous interpretation of power-pressure interactions, relates these variables to flow rate and fan speed.
Lorenzetti D