AIRBASE is the Bibliographic Database of the AIVC. It contains publications and abstracts of articles related to energy efficient ventilation. Where possible, sufficient detail is supplied in the bibliographic details for users to trace and order the material via their own libraries. Topics include: ventilation strategies, design and retrofit methods, calculation techniques, standards and regulations, measurement methods, indoor air quality and energy implications etc. Entries are based on articles and reports published in journals, internal publications and research reports, produced both by university departments and by building research institutions throughout the world. AIRBASE has grown and evolved over many years (1979 to present day, over 22000 references and 16000 documents available online). For most of the references, the full document is also available online.

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There is considerable interest in possible designs for naturally ventilated Law Courts, which avoid the need for air conditioning. However, design requirements make it difficult to locate windows for ventilation purposes.
Walker R R, Perera MDAES
A series of design studies is being sponsored by the Department of Energy to investigate the practical application of passive solar technology in non-domestic buildings.
Ruyssevelt P A, Cohen R R, Gillett W B
This paper presents information on the principles and application of displacement ventilation and discusses the most significant design parameters.
Jackman P J
The paper begins by developing the concept of CONTAINMENT and describes how the ventilation system of a nuclear plant plays amajor role in the provision of this CONTAINMENT and in ensuring that the plant can be operated safely.
Doig R
An experimental low-energy house, with a novel structure incorporating an unusually large amount of expanded polystyrene insulation, was subjected to extensive monitoring while occupied by a family.
Porter H W, Morgan R, Rosell J
The modern trend towards more airtight energy efficient housing requires additional care in providing controlled ventilation. Passive Stack Ventilation (PSV) is one way of providing the necessary control.
Parkins L M
The paper presents the theoretical background to an analytical tool, called ROOM, that is used by a large design practice to predict comfort conditions, and plot detailed comfort contours within a given space.
Conner P A, Holmes M J
In the field of ventilation engineering the understanding of jet types of flow is well established. However, the behaviour of buoyant flows with high initial Archimedes numbers has been much less explored.
Sandberg M, Mattsson M