AIRBASE is the Bibliographic Database of the AIVC. It contains publications and abstracts of articles related to energy efficient ventilation. Where possible, sufficient detail is supplied in the bibliographic details for users to trace and order the material via their own libraries. Topics include: ventilation strategies, design and retrofit methods, calculation techniques, standards and regulations, measurement methods, indoor air quality and energy implications etc. Entries are based on articles and reports published in journals, internal publications and research reports, produced both by university departments and by building research institutions throughout the world. AIRBASE has grown and evolved over many years (1979 to present day, over 22000 references and 16000 documents available online). For most of the references, the full document is also available online.

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The purpose of this paper is to show how the heating and ventilating plant of a lease building was designed. An optimal design was achieved by utilizing the building's thermal inertia for both winter and summer operations. 
Simmonds P
The COSHH Regulations are concerned with the health of employees in relation to their exposure to harmful substances, particularly airborne contaminants. COSHH places a great deal of emphasis on the control of substances to reduce exposure.
Youle A