Bowen A.J.
Bibliographic info:
National Aeronautical Establishment, National Research Council Canada, report LTR-LA-209.

Detailed sets of time-averaged surface pressure coefficients were recorded over the walls and roof of a rectangular building model, set in a simulated high density urban area. The 1/400 scale model represented a generalized smooth surfaced building of 100x150 ft plan form, whose height varied from 300 ft to 200,100 and 50ft. Surrounding roughness elements equalled the heightof the 50ft, building model. Tests were carried out at twelve wind angles using a power low velocity profile with an exponent of 0.43. Using the resulting coefficients the variation with height of the average pressure coefficient across each wall was presented as a smooth graph plot for each wind angle and building that was tested. Gives tables of mean local pressure coefficients and plots of the average of mean pressure coefficients against the fraction of the building height at which they were measured.