Standen N.M. Dalgliesh W.A. Templin R.J.
Bibliographic info:
Proceedings 3rd International Conference on Wind Effects on Buildings and Structures 6-11 September 1971 Tokyo part 11 p199-209 16 figs, 9 refs. = D.B.R. research paper no.585

Describes method for simulating natural wind boundary layer in a conventional, short working section, aeronautical wind tunnel. Boundary layers, which may be as thick as one-half of the working section height are generated by spires at the working section inlet. This approach is used to measure mean wind pressures and pressure spectra on a model of a tall building in downtown Montreal. Measurements are repeated using the long roughness fetch technique for boundary layer generation and results from the two methods compared. Reviews data from an extensive program of full-scale measurements on the Montreal building and compares full-scale and model values of mean wind pressures and pressure spectra.