Tachikawa M.
Bibliographic info:
Proceedings USA-Japan Research Seminar "Wind loads on structures" National Science Foundation, University of Hawaii, Honolulu, October 19-24. 1970. ed. A.N.L. Chiu.

Presents results of measurements of fluctuating wind pressures on prisms of square and rectangular section mounted on the rooftop of a 4-storied building. Describes models and experimental methods. Finds pressure fluctuations of thewindward side are subject to the influence of wind turbulence. Negative pressure on leeward side is relatively stable exceptwhere strong vortices are being shed Very high negative pressures were observed intermittently along the edges of a top board. Periodically oscillating negative pressures due to vortex shedding were observed only on the square prism when wind direction was perpendicular to the face.