Takao Sawachi, Ken-ichi Narita, Nobuyoshi Kiyota, Hironao Seto, Shigeki Nishizawa ,Yuumi Ishikawa
Bibliographic info:
The International Journal of Ventilation, Vol. 2 N°4, March 2004, pp 343-358, 18 Fig., 1 Tab.,11 Ref.

The observation of wind pressure acting on the wall and floor of a full-scale building model under cross ventilation was carried out. The measurement of air flow was also undertaken, and the existing prediction theory of the air flow rate, namely the orifice flow equation, including the discharge coefficient, was evaluated for its accuracy. At the same time, a method of predicting the discharge coefficient has been proposed and tested. In conclusion, a tentative relationship between the discharge coefficient and the difference of wind pressure coefficient across the opening has been developed. In addition, the background concerning the difficulty of using the orifice flow equation has been described.