Elmroth A. Logdberg A.
Bibliographic info:
Royal Institute of Technology, Division of Building Technology, Stockholm Sweden Proceedings 8th CIB congress Oslo June 1980 #DATE 01:06:1980 in English. Byggindustrin 6 March 1981 vol.51 no.8 p.23-27 in Swedish

Reports study of indoor climate-primarily air quality-and energy consumption in a number of detached houses in a group housing area. All the houses were pressure-tested over three years; 1977-1980 and a relatively larger increase in air leakage was measured after the houses had been occupied for approximately one year. Suggests this is due to the drying out of timber, producing cracks. Two types of houses, a and b were investigated when studying indoor climate. both were mechanically ventilated. Finds that air change rates in the master bedroom in type b houses was very low (5 m^3/hr) if the fan was set to its lowest value and the supply air valve closed. Suggests from hygienic point of view air change rate should be at least 25 m^3/h.