Todorovic, B.
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28th AIVC and 2nd Palenc Conference " Building Low Energy Cooling and Ventilation Technologies in the 21st Century", Crete, Greece, 27-29 September 2007

Psychometric diagram, or diagram of humid air, was establishedby three authors in a period of 10 years, very possible independent from one another. It is interesting how three men got the same idea in three very different locations of the globe, at a time when there were no radios,good phones or electronic connections. It was difficulttime for close dialogs and exchange of informationbut still it happened that three men, nearly in same time have done the same contribution to science and art of HVAC&R. Namely, Carrier in USA, Ramzin in Russiaand Mollier in Germany, does nor matter who was first and who last, all have helped all thermodynamic engineers in their realization of AC systems presenting them diagram easy to calculate and analyze air conditioningprocess. The diagram Europeans named Molliersdiagram, English speaking nations Carriers psychrometricchart, and Russia and former Soviet Union as well as in Easter countries, called it Ramzins one.