Madhavi Indraganti, Juyoun Lee, Hui Zhang, Edward A. Arens
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8th Windsor Conference, 10-13 April, 2014, Windsor UK

The sari is everyday attire for most women throughout the year all across South-Asia. It is a versatile ensemble because, a single set of garments can provide different levels of insulation just by changing the drape.
We tested three Indian ensembles of saris (for four drapes) with a thermal manikin following ISO: 9920 protocols. The insulation on all the sixteen body parts and the whole-body were recorded. This provides information for advanced thermal comfort modelling needing clothing insulation at segmentation level. The sari offered a wide range of insulation (0.94 to 0.62) for a given set of garments. Winter ensembles provided 1.11 – 1.39 clo while the summer and monsoon ensembles had 0.62 – 0.96 clo.