Werner G
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11th AIVC Conference "Ventilation system performance" Belgirate, Italy, 18-21 September 1990

This paper presents measuring results from experiments with integrated air heating and ventilation system in airtight well-insulated buildings in Stockholm (The Stockholm Project) . The experiments with air heating systems in the Stockholm Project has earlier been presented in a paper at the 9th AIVC conferance 1988 (2)- This paper presents further results from measuring and analyses of the indoor climate and temperature measurements, The results show that it is possible to get a good thermal comfort in winter without down draught protection below the windows and with air inlet at the inner wall of the room, even when the air flow is reduced to a level equal to the need of normal ventilation flow. This means that it is not necessary to mix the ventilation flow with return air from the apartment, Comfort data has been collected during a period with outdoor temperatures of -10 to -20 dgrC. The study has been carried out in cooperation with the evaluating group of the Stockholm Project at EHUB at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.,