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Ventilation of rooms due to wind forces and energy consumption for the ventilation. Die Durchluftung und der Warmebedarf fur die Luftung.

Krischer O. Beck H., 1957
air flow | air infiltration | wind pressure | ventilation | heat loss
Bibliographic info: VDI - Bericht vol.18 p.29-59
Languages: German

Briefly discusses wind-pressure on buildings. Derives equations for air-flow in a building without internal walls caused by wind pressure from perpendicular and oblique wind. Gives simplified method for calculating air flows inside a building with internal walls. Gives tables showing results of calculation of air flows for a building with two and three rooms. Discusses more complicated building types and gives results of calculation. Outlines determination of ventilation heat loss, air leakage of windows and doors. Reviews consequences of this new method for calculating ventilation heat loss.

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