Lemaire M-C, Trotignon R
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21st AIVC Conference "Innovations in Ventilation Technology,", Hague, Netherlands, 26-29 September 2000

ADEME (French Agency for Environment and Energy Management) regularly commissionssurveys of the attitudes and behaviour of private citizens with regard to energy, andperiodically it also commissions more detailed surveys relating to a particular appliance.The purpose of the survey is to take stock of changing attitudes in households with regard totheir use of energy and to assess the impact of ADEME's policies relating to the home.The questionnaire covers the following aspects: description of the work carried out during theyear surveyed, tax allowances and/or grants applicable to certain kinds of energy saving work(knowledge, demand), applications for loans to finance this work, satisfaction with the workcarried out).In addition to these questions which are asked regularly, every 3 years we carry out a moredetailed survey relating to a specific piece of equipment used to manage energy in the home(adjustment, insulation, ventilation).The subject studied in greater detail from 1998 to 2000 is ventilation in the home, in order togain a better understanding of the expectations and reasons for satisfaction or dissatisfactionof households and to take these into account when trying to improve the products on offer.In this presentation ADEME presents the results of the survey on ventilation, providingfigures relating to the equipment, usage and user satisfaction. ADEME analyses the results,which overall are generally positive for mechanical ventilation, particularly if air flow can beregulated.