Mundt E, Gustavsson M, Leksell P
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20th AIVC and Indoor Air 99 Conference "Ventilation and indoor air quality in buildings", Edinburgh, Scotland, 9-13 August 1999

In mechanical exhaust ventilated buildings in cold climates, the supply air through vents in the perimeter may cause draught and reduce the zone of occupancy. One way to prevent this is to preheat the outdoor air by a vent-convector. An experimental study of the performance of a vent-convector is reported in this paper. Measurements have been conducted in a test room and in a school equipped with vent-convectors. Air flow and pressure drop characteristics were investigated for one type of vent-convector. the temperature variation at a step change of the air flow was also investigated. the results showed that a large under-pressure and a tight building are needed for the system to work as intended. The vent-convector gives a displacement ventilation with a stable supply temperature.