Weschler C J, Shields H C, Shah B M
Bibliographic info:
J. Air & Waste Manage. Assoc., Vol 46, 1996, pp 291-299

Submicron particles play a major role in soiling processes and contribute to corrosion, current leakage and shorts in electronic equipment. For more than a year, optical particle counters have been used to continuously measure the concentrations of submicron particles at a telecommunications facility in Southern California. Separate instruments have simultaneously sampled at four locations: the outdoor air intake, immediately upstream of the HVAC filters, immediately downstream of the HVAC filters, and inside the office. The indoor concentrations can be explained in the context of a one-compartment mass balance model. Key parameters in the model (e.g., the air exchange rate) were monitored throughout the sampling period. In the latter part of this study, the particle counters were used as feedback elements in the HVAC system. An estimate of the concentration of indoor submicron particles, based on measurements of outdoor submicron particles, has been used as a control variable. When this variable exceeds a preset value, the outdoor air damper is partially closed, reducing the amount of outdoor air entering the building. That is, the position of the damper is based on the concentration of outdoor particles as well as the outdoor temperature. As a consequence, the average indoor concentration of submicron particles has been significantly reduced within this facility.