Nathan Mendes, Ian Ridley, Roberto Lamberts, Paulo C. Philippi and Karlos Budag
Bibliographic info:
Building Simulation, 6, 1999, Kyoto, Japan, p. 277-283

This paper presents the Umidus program which has been developed to model coupled heat and moisture transfer within porous media, in order to analyze higrothemal performance of building  elements when subjected to any kind of climate conditions. Both diffusion and capillary regimes are taken into account, that is the transfer of water in the vapor and liquid phases through the material can be analyzed. The model predicts moisture and temperature profiles within multi-layer walls and low-slope roofs for any time step and calculates heat and mass transfer. Umidus has been built in an OOP language  to  be  a  fast  and  precise  easy-to-use software.