Wouters P, Delmotte C, Faysse J C, Barles P, Bulsing P, Filleux C, Hardegger P, Blomsterberg A, Pennycook K, Jackman P, Maldonado E, Leal V, De Gids W
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EC Joule TIP-Vent project, 2001, 58 pp Report of European research project Tip Vent - 2001 - 58 pages

The main aim of the Tip-Vent project was to provide a contribution o the creation of improved boundary conditions for the application of mechanical ventilation systems with good levels of performance. The project has led to a better understanding of the true performance of ventilation systems, why they perform as they do and what improvements are achievable. The Tip-Vent source book synthetises the findings of the projects participants.