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Bibliographic info:
Building Trades Journal, 6 March 1986, Vol 191, No 5645. p36,38-39. 4 figs, 2 photos.

A new Building Research Establishment audio-visual package, 'Remedies for condensation and mould in traditional housing' sets out the findings of field trials of some available remedies for condensation and mould, carried out in England and Scotland on estates which had a history of complaints of dampness. This research has led to a new understanding of the factors involved in the occurence of condensation and the ways in which they interact. Condensation is most likely to be a problem in the homes which use the least heating. In planning remedies for condensation and mould, the challenge is to find measures which will be effective even at low levels of energy usage. Remedies stated by BRE include improved wall insulation, by both cavity fill and external methods, extract fans under tenant or humidistat control, full and partial central heating, and domestic dehumidifiers. The effectiveness of fungicidal washes and paints was also tested. The results pointed to theeffectiveness and cost of different remedies in varying situations, some of which worked very well, others having little effect.