W.J. Hwang, Y.M. Kim, J.Y. Sohn
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29th AIVC Conference " Advanced building ventilation and environmental technology for addressing climate change issues", Kyoto, Japan, 14-16 October 2008

A radiant heating applied to floor, so called'Ondol', is a traditional heating method in Koreaand has been widely used. The form of theOndol has been modified so that it can beapplied to modem residential buildings.However, the Ondol system has limitation inkeeping comfortable indoor-environment,because the Ondol is able to control floortemperature only. Moreover, a Koreangovernment stipulated that new residentialbuildings are to be 0.7 ACH (Air Change perHour) to protect indoor air quality from toxicsubstances emitted form construction materials,fwniture and etc.Therefore, raised-floor Ondol with ventilationthat can provide pre-heated fresh outdoor-airwas suggested to solve this problem. Under thissystem, the outdoor air flows through ducts inthe cavity between slabs and Ondol panels sothat it could be supplied to rooms after it waspreheated.The experiment was carried out at apartmenthousing under construction in Seoul, 16th-18thFebruary 2008. The following conclusions canbe made: (I) An average surface temperature ofduct was 9.1 so that is lower than expectedvalue. (2) An average indoor air temperaturewas 17.4 (Max. 19.9 ) which could satisfywith the rage of thermal comfort for indoor air(17-22 ) taking sensor's tolerance intoconsideration. (3) The surface temperature offloor swung between 22 and 32 .