Lei, W.; Ya, F.; Nan yang, N.; Li, L.X.
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Proceedings CLIMA 2007 - Wellbeing Indoors (10-14 June Helsinki)

Sitsang belongs to cold Region in china and heating energy consumption in winter is very large. There is fairly scarce petrochemical energy, and that the oxygen content in plateau section is lower, which makes combustion become insufficient, so the cost of conventional energy is considerably high. However, compared with other regions in china, the best advantage of Sitsang is that it possesses abundant solar energy resources. According to climate conditions and energy resources in Sitsang, the paper studied passive solar houses heating system using EnergyPlus software, which is capable of rapid and detailed analysis of energy consumption in buildings, and analyzed carefully such influencing factors as architecture plan layout, the thermal resistance of envelope, the window shading coefficient, area ratio of windows and walls and indoor heat mass. Sufficiently considering the heat gain, heat loss and heat storage, the paper presented the optimum design proposal. The analysis on annual energy consumption and indoor thermal environments is performed. The results showed that when the structure was composed of well thermal insulation materials the solar energy can completely satisfy the heating demand in winter in Sitsang.