Ryu S-R, Lim J-H, Yeo M-S, Kim K-W
Bibliographic info:
ASHRAE 2004 Annual Meeting, Nashville June 2004, pp 1-11, 10 Fig., 4 Tab., 15 Ref.

When applying the radiant floor cooling system using Ondol - the Korean traditional radiant floor heating system - it is important to select a precise control method to maintain a stable room temperature and floor surface temperature and prevent surface condensation. Therefore, it is necessary to systematize various control methods and to conduct a comparative study of the respective control methods so as to be able to control the radiant floor heating and cooling system efficiently.
As well as evaluating the level of stability of room temperature and floor surface temperature, we performed this study to search for a control method to minimize condensation during the cooling period without a dehumidification system. Based on the results of this study, we are going to develop a radiant floor cooling system integrated with a dehumidification system. We aim to deal with indoor comfort in company with concern for condensation.
In this study, computer simulations and model experiments were performed for this comparative analysis on control methods used for the radiant floor heating and cooling system. And, on the basis of the results of our analysis on the control performances of respective control methods, we evaluated the applicability of control methods for the radiant floor heating and cooling system.