Jaap Hogeling
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36th AIVC Conference " Effective ventilation in high performance buildings", Madrid, Spain, 23-24 September 2015.

The Recast-EPBD1 requires an update of the current (2007/2008) set of CEN-EPB standards. This update work started in 2012 and will result in a new set of CEN-EPB standards.. Where possible this work will be done parallel with ISO. This project is based on EU-Mandate 480. This mandate accepted by CEN, requires a really out of the box thinking approach of the standard developers. This project is coordinated by CENTC371 the “Program Committee on EPBD” and is considered to be a step forward in progressing towards European Energy Codes for Buildings. This second generation of EPB standards aims on more comprehensive standards, a clear split between informative text in Technical Reports and normative text in Standards, attached excel files to illustrate the calculation procedures etc.. The EPB set of standards and technical reports will support the holistic approach needed for the Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB) and high performance energy renovation of the existing building stock. CEN proposes a nZEB definition, worked out a common, clear, unambiguous assessment structure and the related standards to calculate the very limited amount of (primary) energy required by nZEB.
The modular structure of EPB standards is flexible in order to take into account national, regional and regional choices. An approach has been introduced, via the so-called Annex A and B in all EPB standards. Annex B is an informative Annex and includes all default values, choices and options needed to use the standard. Normative Annex A includes empty tables for these needed values, choices and options, this empty template shall be used by National Standard Bodies (NSB) (or recognised local, regional or national authorities) to declare these values, choices and options to be followed under their jurisdiction. This approach allows maximal flexibility and transparency in applying the EPB standards. If published by the NSB’s These filled in Annexes conform Annex A are indicated as National Annexes.
It is expected that Formal Voting drafts of all EPB standards will be ready before April 2016. After the EPB standards are accepted the publication by the end of 2016 seems possible.