Naukkarinen, P.
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28th AIVC and 2nd Palenc Conference " Building Low Energy Cooling and Ventilation Technologies in the 21st Century", Crete, Greece, 27-29 September 2007

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has estimated that the Mediterranean region could experiencean increase in annual mean temperatures up to 4.5 C by 2080. Within the same time frame the fossil fuel stocks are predicted to diminish resulting in ever increasingfuel prices. Furthermore, there is continuous political pressure to impose greenhouse gas levies and quotas for industries and services alike, thus adding into their operationalexpenditures should they exceed their carbon quotas. Hotel industry in particular is predicted to suffer from the direct and indirect effects of climate change and increasing fuel prices. Not only are their operating costs bound to increase but in addition they may suffer from reduced tourist flows if and when the airline industryis forced to increase travel prices. It is in this context of a predicted energy crisis within the hotel industry that this study was undertaken in order to evaluate the extent to which hotels can future proof their operations.Integration of renewable energy sources into hotel operationsis perceived as the most promising form of crisis mitigation. In the Mediterranean region the availabilityof solar irradiation is abundant and free from microclimaticlimitations associated with wind energy in comparison. Therefore, solar assisted air conditioning was identified as a key strategy because its operational principal dictates that the greatest availability of energy coincides with the peak demands.The aim of this paper is to review the currently available solar air conditioning technologies, their energy saving potential and technical limitations. The study is based on a literature review supplemented with information available from equipment vendors. Subsequently, the objective of this paper is to set solar air conditioning equipment selection criteria that could assist hotels of various service classes in their energy planning and equipment upgrades.