Degelman Larry O., Soebarto Veronica I.
Bibliographic info:
Building Simulation, Madison, USA, 1995, p. 692-696

Using the Visual Basic development tool kit, the authors have developed a highly interactive graphical interfáce to an hourly energy simulation model for estimating annual energy consumption in buildings. The software, named ENER-WIN, features an interfáce program that calls and controls the execution of the energy simulation model and the weather data processor. The software will run on PCcompatible microcomputers under the Windows operating system. 
Intended users of the software are architects, building designers, engineers, energy code officials, and utility company personnel. The program can be utilized for new building designs, retrofit designs, or energy code compliance checking; and will perform HVAC equipment sizing, monthly utility bill estimates, annual, energy budgets, peak load demand charges, and a present worth life-cycle cost analysis for the building fácility. Designers using the program. will find it useful for checking alternative energy conservation proposals during the design process.