Basnett P
Bibliographic info:
Proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium on the of computers for environmental engineering related to buildings, Bath, 7-9 July 1986, CIBSE 1986, p79-93, 1 fig, 1 tab, 3 refs.

A program is presented which runs on Apricot, Sirius and IBM-PC microcomputers and calculates the heating energy requirements of single zone, intermittently heated buildings with reasonable accuracy. Calculation of preheating energy is based on the average internal temperature concept of CIBS Energy Code 2. Solar gains and long-wave radiation losses are treated crudely on the basis of regression equations for radiation as a function of daily average external temperature for different periods of the day. Weather data is available for 40 locations in Great Britain and calculations may be performed either for a complete year, or for a heating season defined arbitrarily, and allowed to contain breaks. Occupancy may be for an arbitrary number of hours per day, and days per week, but internal gains are assumed to be the same throughout the period of occupancy. Results are produced both as tables and graphically as 'Heating Analysis Charts' showing a cumulative frequency curve of total energy requirement and its build up from incidental gains and energy supplied by the heating system. Separate tables and charts are produced for the occupied and preheat periods.