Vitale S
Bibliographic info:
Morocco, Marrakesh, ITEEC 1997, proceedings of ITEEC 97 International Thermal Energy and Environment Congress, held 9-12 June 1997, Marrakesh, Morocco, pp 534-538

Mechanical ventilation in buildings requires appropriate systems for heating and cooling. The costs of energy demand represent a high percentage of the global costs for climatisation. As a part of a project concerning these subjects the development of a computer code for evaluating energy load due to mechanical ventilation in buildings is in progress. The mathematical model is based on simplified equations to fit dynamically the psychometric curves. Inlet air flow rates are evaluated according to the more recent Italian regulations. Energy amounts are calculated at hourly time-step taking into account time dependent operating conditions chosen by users such as: set-point temperatures, relative humidity, ventilation rates, use and occupancy of the rooms, scheduled time of operation. Meteo test reference years for the main Italian sites are used as default hourly climatic data.